April 4, 2014

QR Codes Can Help with In Class Flipped Instruction or...... A New Spin on Centers

I had several Take It to Your Seat Folder Literacy Centers. They had been sitting around all year ready to go, but I had yet to teach the skills they are meant to review. Then one night I had a brilliant idea.  I decided to find videos that gave "mini-lessons" on each skill connected to each center and then create QR codes linking back to the video. I would clear tape the QR code to the front of each folder. Well, here is where this idea grew into something even better. Of course, as teachers, we have many responsibilities and I didn't get to my project as soon as I would have liked. Then I realized the students could help me out. I have some students that are really fast learners with technology.  I set them off looking for instructional videos related to the center skills. I told the students they needed to watch 3 videos and pick the best one for that skill. I gave them a quick lesson in making QR codes and off they went. They did a fabulous job. The QR codes  for each center were ready in 45 minutes.This would have taken me days!!! Now  students will be able to take the center and an iPad to their seat and have a "mini-lesson" and an opportunity to practice the skill. They will turn in work from the Take It to Your Seat folder and turn it in as a formative assessment. In every folder I have a review sheet and the rest of the students will be letting me know if the video  connected to that learning center was a good tool for their learning.  If they felt there was a better video available, they would let me know. Talk about students being in charge of their own learning!!!!!!!!!  You can check out these links for instructional videos: Learnzillion,  WatchKnowLearn,  BrainPop,  YouTubeTeacher Tube .   You can also make your own screen-cast. screencast-o-matic or Videolicious

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