April 9, 2014

Getting Ready to Write Leads for our Informational Essays

I have always thought teaching students how to write powerful leads for their personal narratives was easier than teaching them to write them for informational text. This year using the iPad camera transformed the quality of  the students' non-fiction leads. After a mini-lesson on the importance of hooking your reader with a great lead, the students and I headed for the library to search through mentor text for such leads. I provided them with questions to help them critique the leads they found. On the way out the door I had an idea. I asked the kids to grab an iPad. As students found leads they thought were good they took pictures of them. That night I loaded the pictures into Showbie and  shared the pictures of leads to all the students.The next day I did a mini-lesson on different types of leads that can be used for informational text.  In teams the students discussed the mentor text leads and using Notability to annotate the pictures by highlighting the lead and including a text box on the picture stating what type of lead they found. All this was worth it, the leads they wrote for their Personalized Learning Essays are amazing. Here are a few examples. These paragraph  include their leads and their focus statements or thesis.

Brooke: As the train rolls away you see the last of your home town. You smell the smoky air from the train. You snuggle close to your older sister and wonder if you will be split apart. What is happening? In the 1800s if you had no parents you would be sent on a train to find a new home. If you had a sibling you would often get spit up. When orphans rode the orphan trains some orphans had special ways to get adopted to a nice family.

Loyal: Cutler steps back, goes to the left,throws a long bomb to Marshall.The ball went so high  it could have hit a bird.TOUCHDOWN!  This is the 2014 Bears. The Chicago Bears are special for many reasons. The 1985 Bears team was special.  There have been many amazing players and the team holds many records.

Emily: Imagine you are a child sitting at home watching the twin towers going down in smoke and flames. You know your parent(s) went to work their in one of those buildings. You are praying and hoping you will see your parent again. You see people are running and crying trying to save their own lives. As scary as this may sound many children of 9-11 are having a good life now and still remember the parent(s) that they had lost on the day of September 11 2001.

Kiefer: In 2013 the fox river overflowed.Our third grade class went on a field trip. We could not go in the water,the lady in charge fell in the water because the current was so strong. There are many ways to keep your house from getting hit by a flood. Three ways are making barriers,building dams and planting trees.

Students know their leads are great!!! As the students were reading different Time For Kids articles, one student commented that our leads were better than the ones in the magazine. Awesome!

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